Antonio & Judy – Video Final

For our final video group project, we had to create a short film that used everything we had learned including green screen and 3D CG elements.

This was my favourite project to work on in college. I created the ring in 3D Studio Max and I did much of the camera work and post effects compositing. It was very challenging and enjoyable.

One huge problem we had though was trying to recompile the film scenes. We had divided them up among the four of us to work on, but when it came time to put everything together, we couldn’t read each others files. In retrospect, I believe it was an issue where some of us had different versions of Adobe Premiere. Some of had CS6 and some had CC and apparently the two are not compatible. Or at least not at the time. I believe this was when Creative Cloud was first released and it proved detrimental to our project. We ended up missing the submission deadline by a few hours because we were re-editing the entire film on one computer all day. Our film was still accepted, shown, and graded, but we were disqualified from winning the awards that were available at the time.

Unfortunately, the film contains copyright music so it cannot be placed on YouTube. Use the password AV&JG to view it on Vimeo.