Shadowbox 30 Second Ads

In between projects, I would work on various way to help improve or benefit Shadowbox Learning Services as a company. One of these ways was to conceptualize some 30 seconds that would help convey what it is we do and our work process.

Here are three of them that I liked.

This one is pretty simple. It keeps in the theme of starting off and ending with the SLS logo. It’s fairly flat designed and most of the content is placeholder more than anything. But it does show the many three steps in our work process : Research, Development, and Delivery.

This one was a lot more fun. A 100% animated take on the idea. There’s a lot of style to this one. It’s pretty much ready to be a finished piece. It just needs voice over, music, and folly behind it.

This last selection is kind of a combination of the previous two. It’s probably the flashiest, but the also the busiest of the three I’ve shown here. A lot goes by so quick. Really, it would work better as longer piece. Perhaps one or two minutes so that everything can be explained and flow better.

Again, these were more-so demos to be presented. Which we would either use or inspire what the final ad or ads would be. Then we would go through scripting and recording and everything else to work towards the final piece.